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It's all about the rides, but we also do other fun, group activities throughout the year. Monthly meetings, dealer events, and other varied events like poker runs, parties, weekend & vacation rides, bar b-q... the list goes on. 
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Did you miss an event? Did somebody from the photo team snap a picture of you? Just feel nostalgic and want to review old pics? Look no more. This is your stop. We sort through the best of the best and bring them to you here.
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All year long, our crack ninja squad, works tirelessly to assemble what can only be described as the pinnacle of publishing... The treasure of typography... You know it, you love it, the Chapter's Weekly Blast Newsletter!
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I know, what we do sounds fun, and you can't wait to join us and hang out. Do you own a Harley-Davidson? If not, come visit Gator Harley-Davidson, and check out their inventory of New and Pre-Owned Harley Davidsons. We are certain they will have the one for you!
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Get the latest updates from the Lake County Florida Chapter of H.O.G. Want to be a Lake County Florida Chapter writer? Let us know!
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Some great shots from one of the most scenic locations on the North American Continent...only a part of Ray & Crystal's summer odessey.

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Riding Tips (Thank you Val Lusby)

Tips for Riding😎 1. Slow down a little. That S curve is sharper than you think! 2. Just because your bike can go 100 mph between two stoplights doesn't mean you should do it. 3. Maintenance is that un-fun thing you do to keep from walking home! 4. When in doubt, always take a jacket. Not in doubt? Still take the jacket. 5. It always seems farther back home than it was to your destination. Don't ride so far that it stops being fun!

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The Lake County Florida Chapter #0688 Primary Officers For 2024

Ken Roberts Jr.


Jon Kurpil

Assistant Director

George French


‘Trooper’ John Malpica